Penulis: Aprista Kinaya Arfianie XI MIPA 5

Jakarta Selatan – If you walked down the long corridors of SMA Labschool Kebayoran on August 29 or 30, you might have bumped into several tall signs with the words: “Please remain calm, ANBK is currently in progress”. This is due to the implementation of the ANBK exam for some of the 11th graders of SMA Labschool Kebayoran during those two important days.

ANBK stands for Computer-Based National Assessment, which aims to assess the quality of an educational facility. This exam is separated into four parts, which includes literacy, numeracy, a character survey, and an environmental survey. The literacy and numeracy subparts provide an evaluation on the current condition of those two general subjects in Indonesian schools, and whether they have achieved the government’s certain standards or require further additional support. Whereas, the character survey and environmental survey reveal the characteristics of Indonesian schools, as well as an analysis on the amount of inclusivity in educational facilities and the treatment of their students on a daily basis.

The 45 students who participated in the exam a few days ago were selected at random by the government and were tasked to achieve an optimum score on behalf of the school.  In preparation for the exam, they participated in multiple simulations during their mornings at school and extra classes in the afternoon. The effort and support SMA Labschool Kebayoran, as a school, has provided their students affirm how crucial the ANBK exam is for assessing the rate of quality an educational facility has.

Students Sitting The ANBK Exam (Source: ANBK Committee)

Therefore, on a sunny Monday morning, August 29, the ANBK students started their day off with a prayer in the hopes of the exam running smoothly and achieving well-earned results. The students were then taken to their respective exam rooms located in the computer lab, the multimedia room, and the language lab. The exam began at 07.30 sharp. For the first day of the ANBK exam, the students were tested on their competence in literacy and continued on with a character survey. The following day, August 30, was ensued with a numeracy-based assessment and an environmental survey. Afterwards, a group photo underneath an ANBK exam banner was taken with the students and teachers to finish the hectic, yet memorable past few days.

Many students voiced that the numeracy subtest was the most difficult part of the exam to do. However, this did not hinder them from completing the ANBK exam. Instead, it was thought of as a challenge for them to continuously try their best on behalf of SMA Labschool Kebayoran.

This past month has been full of struggles for the 11th graders who were chosen as representatives for SMA Labschool Kebayoran in the form of participating in the ANBK exam. However, due to the unlimited support of teachers and fellow students, as well as the effort the ANBK students have put in, the exam can be defined as an immense achievement as important lessons were learned and new experiences were gained.